Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mallisa's Food Staples

Mallisa here...

Thought I'd let you guys in on my health food staples, too. I haven't exactly been grocery shopping recently, so it will be a little "pic skinny", but we're all pro-skinny around here!

I work from 6am through lunchtime at a coffee shop most mornings, so I try to get enough good energy in when I can while also trying to avoid muffins, scones, cookies, brownies, and other evil things. Here are a few of my go-to breakfast and snack items (dinner is usually me trying out a new recipe on pinterest or just picking up sushi or Subway).

(my snack food is kind of breakfast foods)
-Egg whites (separate them yourself or buy All Whites)

-Wheat/Light English muffins

-Instant grits

-Instant oatmeal (add fresh fruits and nuts!)

-Greek yogurt (add fresh fruits and granola for a home-made parfait!) reviewed different brands
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-Sliced turkey for egg white/turkey/tomato muffin sandwiches
-Fat free cheese for breakfast sandwiches and grits
-Special K cereal

-Almond Milk/Light soy milk


-Yogurt parfait (either home made or store bought)

-Kashi Light granola
(If you want to make home made parfaits- this is the choice I'd make for granola!)

-Special K Cereal
-Multi-grain wheat bread
-Almond butter/Apple butter
-Sugar free jelly

-Kashi multi-grain wheat waffles
These are great for toasting and adding a little spray butter for "fancy" toast, or adding peanut butter and a banana for a more filling meal. MMM!

I can't stress this enough. I was never a big fruit eater until recently, but not only are fruits good for your body, I think they have a healthy effect on your mind as well. Nothing like eating earth's candy.

I'm sort of an "on-the-go" type of eater. When I'm not cooking dinner its usually foods like this. I try to make smart food choices during the day, and save my calories for lunch or dinner when I'm eating with my man and there's no telling what we'll end up having or where we'll end up going. I stay on top of calories by using my DWLZ app (you look up a restaurant and it has the nutritional facts for most items on the menu- SUCH a life saver!)

Also, log your food! Everything that you eat! I can't say that enough. People have always said to me "Oh, you use Weight Watchers? That doesn't work for me", or "Oh, you count calories? That doesn't work". Well, I don't know what kind of parallel universe this happens in, but from my experience (and most others' that I know) if you account for EVERYTHING that you eat and drink and stay under your calorie goal, it works. You become hyper-aware of what you're eating and you start making better choices about your food.

The MyFitnessPal app makes it TOO easy to log all of your food. (I know, I know. Chinese food. I was bad today- but because I ate really well the rest of the day AND did a little cardio, I didn't go over!) Once you get into the habit of logging everything, it becomes second nature and it's not a hassle at all. It's kind of even become like a game with myself.

Hope this short list will help jump-start your new shopping and snacking habits! Until next time...



I found an old piece of crappy wood in the garage, spray painted it lightly with Krylon Multi-Surface spray paint so that some of the imperfections would still be there, and then used a GIANT permanent marker and some paint to do some simple swirls. Total time (including dry time) was about an hour! Thank you, thank you very much.

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