Friday, July 6, 2012


Mallisa here...

I used to think you'd only catch me running FROM a psychotic clown with a bloody knife or TO a free, endless chocolate fountain, but guess what? Kendall and I ran our first race on the 4th!

It was just a 2 mile run, and we couldn't run the whole two miles straight, but we finished in 23:10. Not bad for first timers! We are going to keep up with the running and hopefully be ready to run a 5k by the fall.

Hope everyone had a fun filled 4th of July. I know I ate bad. I've been trying to recover from that cheeseburger ever since (once your body gets used to eating super healthy, it punishes you after cheeseburgers). I haven't felt skinny since! Such is life, you have to cheat every now and then...

I'll be posting my "Health Food Staples" soon, but until then, I'll leave you all with some tid-bits.
And remember:
What you eat in private, you wear in public.


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